(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. brilliant, shining, glistening; luminous; clever, intelligent; gay, flashing, sparkling. See color, intelligence, light.
Ant., dark, dim; stupid; clouded, dismal.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Shining]
Syn. shiny, shining, gleaming, glittering, luminous, lustrous, burnished, polished, sparkling, brilliant, dazzling, radiant, light, lit up, lighted, illuminated, full of light, glowing, mirrorlike, limpid, flashing, scintilLating, coruscating, shimmering, incandescent, effulgent, fulgent, twinkling, illumined, relucent, argent, golden, nitid, silvery, lambent, refulgent, irradiated, glistening, glossy, auroral, burning, blazing, glaring, blinding, beaming, glimmering, splendid, resplendent, alight, aglow, ablaze, flamelike, moonlit, sunlit, starlit, lamplit, candlelit, floodlit, on fire, phosphorescent, luminescent.
Ant. dim, dull*, clouded, opaque.
2. [Vivid]
Syn. colored, colorful, tinted, vivid, intense, deep, sharp, rich, brilliant, gay, gorgeous, exotic, tinged, hued, touched with color, fresh, clear, florid, ruddy, bright-colored, full-colored, deep-colored, rich-colored, high-colored, fluorescent, Day-Glo ( trademark ), psychedelic.
3. [Intelligent]
Syn. clever, quick, alert, quick-witted; see able 1 , intelligent 1 .
4. [Not rainy]
Syn. clear, sunny, cloudless; see fair 3 .
5. [Cheerful]
Syn. lively, vivacious, sunny, radiant; see happy 1 .
6. [Splendid]
Syn. famous, illustrious, eminent; see glorious 1 .
7. [Promising]
Syn. auspicious, favorable, propitious; see hopeful 2 .
Syn.- bright , the most general term here, is applied to that which gives forth, reflects, or is filled with light [ a bright day, star, shield, etc. ] ; radiant emphasizes the actual or apparent emission of Rays of light; shining implies a steady, continuous brightness [ the shining sun ] ; brilliant implies intense or flashing brightness [brilliant sunlight, brilliant diamonds ] ; luminous is applied to objects that are full of light or give off reflected or phosphorescent light; lustrous is applied to objects whose surfaces gleam by reflected light and emphasizes gloss or sheen [lustrous silk ] See also Synonym Study at intelligent .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. light shining, brilliant, blinding, glowing, luminous, radiant, dazzling, blazing, glaring, intense, incandescent, vivid, sparkling, resplendent, effulgent.
2. smart intelligent, clever, sharp, quick, witty, brainy, brilliant, astute.
3. hopeful promising, cheering, golden, rosy, encouraging, auspicious, sunny.
4. cheerful lively, vivacious, happy, sprightly, merry, lighthearted, joyous, blithe.
ANT.: 1. dark, dim, gloomy, black. 2. stupid, moronic, retarded, bovine, dull. 3. dark, black, grim, hopeless. 4. grim, morose, depressed
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective ' 1. Giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts: beamy, brilliant, effulgent, incandescent, irradiant, lambent, lucent, luminous, lustrous, radiant, refulgent, shiny. See LIGHT. 2. Full of color: colorful, gay, rich, vivid. See COLORS. 3. Indicative of future success or full of promise: auspicious, benign, brilliant, fair, favorable, fortunate, good, propitious. See LUCK. 4. Being in or showing good spirits: cheerful, cheery, chipper, happy, light-hearted, sunny. See HAPPY. 5. Mentally quick and original: alert, clever, intelligent, keen1, quick, quick-witted, sharp, sharp-witted, smart. Idiom: smart as a whip. See ABILITY.

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